Passion, creativity, curiosity and the great desire for knowledge; we can bring them together in one person, Alida Liberale.

This artist has an extraordinary and inexhaustible expressive vein where creativity finds its realization in different pictorial techniques from oil painting to tapestries to silk painting. It is precisely painting on silk that gave voice to her main passion by reuniting the name of his Brand in “Art on silk”.

We are accustomed to admiring a work of art while observing a certain detachment despite emotional involvement. However, the art created by Alida can be worn. Therefore, a painting is no longer just a pure observation, but it envelops our body. Painting on silk becomes art that is worn. The painted silk scarves are unique, exclusive, and unrepeatable works.

The colors slide on the silk following the careful hand of the artist who knows how to direct the sign, as describing the nature that accompanies the themes of her paintings. She is inspired by nature and matter; the environment is a subject of great attention for Alida. It is precisely “reserve dyes” through the batik and shibori technique, which exploits the eco-sustainable respect of Art on Silk.

The silk scarves, the eco-sustainable pictorial techniques make everything return to nature as an inexhaustible circle where creation is born and turns into painted silks, which, thrilling us like a work of art, know how to respect nature.

The softness of silk with its exclusive texture, gives those who touch it very pleasant sensations. However, the silk painted by Alida acquires new awareness of new life, and adds value because the hand that directed it through its pictorial ideas add a new and different consistency giving to the touch a real sensation, the truth of the hands that have been able to transform it.

 Art, painting, silk, creativity, together make the difference where a female accessory becomes through the eyes and heart of Alida Liberale true “Art on Silk”.

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